Law, Brown critical of Welker not fair-catching punt

Law, Brown critical of Welker not fair-catching punt
November 25, 2013, 1:00 am
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Troy Brown and Ty Law have plenty of experience when it comes to punt coverage and punt returns.

Brown is one of the best - if not the best - punt returners in Patriots history. Law was used in coverage.

So those guys had plenty to say about the way the Pats - Broncos game ended. Welker, instead of fair-catching the ball, decided to let it fall. He failed to let his teammate, Tony Carter, know in time. The ball hit Carter, and the Pats fell on it.

The rest is history.

But Brown and Law don't fault Carter at all. In fact, the blame all goes on Welker.

"The biggest mistake [Welker] made was being afraid not to go up there and catch the ball … Julien Edelman caught every one of this punts. He was there, he wasn't afraid to catch it and you would eliminate all those situations right there if he would have just caught the ball. Because he had plenty of time to catch it."

Law said that Welker "didn't have the nerve" to go and catch the ball, unlike Pats punt returner Julian Edelman who was under all his catchable punts.

"He's been a punt returner in Miami, he's been a punt returner here in New England, and definitely in the plus-50 area where they used him a lot to get those fair catch balls. You gotta make a better decision. Make better 'Peter' calls. Get your guys out of the way."