Kubiak not at full strength after health scare

Kubiak not at full strength after health scare
November 27, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Texans coach Gary Kubiak explained on Wednesday that while he's doing all he can to prepare for the Patriots this weekend, he's not quite back to his normal work schedule just yet.

Kubiak collapsed at halftime of Houston's Nov. 3 game against the Colts with what the Texans called a transient ischemic attack -- or a mini-stroke. He returned to Texans practice on Nov. 11, but he's still not doing all the same work he once did.

"I’m doing good," Kubiak said. "I’m trying to work myself back to my full schedule. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m feeling better each and every week. I’m trying to get myself back to where I was before and I feel like I’m heading that way. I’m so very lucky and I hope to be back in full force here pretty quick and doing all the things I normally do. I think I’m getting there."

Kubiak said that in what's normally a never-ending work, his hours have been limited.

"They kind of come here and throw me out at certain times, I guess is the only way to explain," he said. "As a coach, heck, the work is never done. So they kind of put me in those kinds of situations. There are people that I deal with on a regular basis and just going from there."

Kubiak deals mainly with the offense, allowing defensive coordinator Wade Phillips control over that side of the ball. Phillips took over as head coach for Kubiak while he rested, and the play-calling duties fell to Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison.

Having seen the Patriots twice recently -- both losses to New England in Gillette Stadium late last season -- Kubiak knows the entire Texans staff will need to do its best in the few days remaining it has to prepare to be ready for everything Bill Belichick's team can do.

"Obviously working against their offense, there are just so many things that they are good at," Kubiak began. "I mean, they throw the ball as well as anybody in the game. They can line up and run it extremely well too. As they work through some guys being out, it was impressive to watch them work through that.

"Defensively, Bill and their scheme has always been very difficult to prepare for. I know in all my years in Denver with Mike [Shanahan], I mean 3-4, 4-3, and all those things. One week to prepare for that group is very tough because the coaches do such a great job of coaching and getting so many things done. You guys know how impressed I am with their organization and what they have been able to accomplish and continue to accomplish."