Kraft still high on Gronkowski long-term

Kraft still high on Gronkowski long-term
May 21, 2013, 2:00 pm
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BOSTON – Patriots owner Robert Kraft reflected Tuesday on the long-term commitment his team made to tight end Rob Gronkowski last summer.
“That’s part of the parity and challenge of this business and trying to be good year in, year out and having a cap. We all have to make decisions with the information we have at hand,” said Kraft when asked if there’s trepidation about the injury-prone Gronk. “We think, long-term, he still should be great. We’ll see.”
Tuesday was the first time we got official word from the organization on the outcome of Gronkowski’s fourth arm surgery performed on Monday.
“The report we got was very positive,” said Kraft. “I’ve learned in the medical area, you can’t always predict everything but it came out positive.”
Kraft later added, “Gronkowski’s a great guy. I hope we have him for the full season back. I know the fans want him and the owner surely does.”