Kraft says there's no 'all in' philosophy

Kraft says there's no 'all in' philosophy
March 24, 2014, 2:45 pm
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ORLANDO -- There's been a notion this offseason that the Patriots are doing things differently. Loading up and spending like never before.

The veracity of that? Dubious.

They executed a masterstroke when they replaced Aqib Talib with Darrelle Revis, but Revis was replacing a player (Aqib Talib) the team was willing to spend on already.

Otherwise, they've signed a middling wide receiver (Brandon LaFell), an intriguing corner who'll start the season on a four-game suspension (Brandon Browner) and retained Julian Edelman.

Compared to the spending binge the Broncos went on, there's no comparison.

Robert Kraft pointed out Monday that there's no "all-in" philosophy, just a storyline that media tries to fit the Patriots actions to.

"We have the same system in place," Kraft said Monday at the NFL Owners Meetings in Orlando. "There's not one individual . . . I think sometimes there's a misconception that we're changing our philosophy. That isn't true. All that has happened is that opportunities come up in the marketplace and when they come up we go for them."

The question was posed relative to the advancing age of Tom Brady.

Kraft added, "You want me to tell Brady that you're suggesting he's near the end of his career? Is that what you're suggesting?"

Ben Volin of The Boston Globe answered that Brady said he wanted to play until he's 50.

Answered Kraft, "We hope he does. And he stays healthy and the way he trains and eats. It's a good lesson for me."