Kraft, Belichick expected to speak at owners' meetings

Kraft, Belichick expected to speak at owners' meetings
March 23, 2014, 8:00 pm
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ORLANDO – Most owners hadn’t even checked in Sunday afternoon in Orlando and already Jets owner Woody Johnson was tampering.
Asked if his team would have interest in Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, Johnson answered, “We have interest in a number of players, including DeSean.”
That’s a pretty clear violation of the league’s anti-tampering rules since Jackson still plays for the Eagles and they’ve not publicly indicated they are trying to trade him.
Whether the league moves to discipline Johnson or just shrugs and says, “Whaddya want, it’s the Jets . . . ” remains to be seen. But that’s something we can chase over the next three days as the league’s owners, GMs and coaches gather to discuss league business here at the Ritz Carlton.
Patriots owner Robert Kraft said he’ll speak Monday around lunchtime. He often attracts a large crowd of media, including national reporters who lead him far afield. But we’ll be looking to get some illumination on Vince Wilfork and what exactly the team requested of him that caused him to request his release.
Predicted quote: “I love Vince. He’s been one of my favorite players and I hope he can stay with us and retire a Patriot but there’s a finite number of blappityblapblap.”
The AFC Coaches Breakfast is Tuesday. We’re expecting to dine with Bill Belichick at 7 a.m., but there have been times he’s pulled the ripcord on that event and met privately with New England media. He doesn’t relish answering a barrage of questions over eggs and hash browns from people he’s never seen before.
The NFC Coaches Breakfast is Wednesday and Wednesday afternoon the week wraps with the announcement of the rules changes being implemented and an address by the NFL Commissioner.
We’ll be on SportsNet Central every night with reports and interviews. And it’s not really that nice down here, so don’t give me any crap.