King: Broncos 'absolutely will not' represent AFC

King: Broncos 'absolutely will not' represent AFC
January 2, 2014, 9:00 pm
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Shaun King believes it will be a team other than the Denver Broncos to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

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With the playoffs set to start this weekend, it seems anyone can win in the AFC.

Don’t tell that to the Denver Broncos though. The Broncos, who are the AFC’s number one seed, look like the favorite.

But, according to Shaun King, who joined Tom E. Curran on Quick Slants, the Broncos will not reach the Super Bowl.

“I’m fine going on record right now saying they absolutely will not represent the AFC in the Super Bowl,” King said. “I think they are a flawed team. I think their flaws will be exposed in the playoffs. If there is one team that I think has an opportunity to really get on a roll it’s the Cincinnati Bengals.”

The Patriots, who enter the playoffs as the number two seed, have gone through so much adversity in the regular season that has prepared them well for the postseason.

“Part of winning in the playoffs is being able to come through in the clutch and if you asked me what team I would trust most in the second half of a fourth quarter it would be New England,” King said. “Because I think that’s the team with the least amount of question marks at the key positions. And the fact that they have been so resilient and overcome so much to get to where they are, I think this would be the most rewarding Super Bowl for both Bill [Belichick] and Tom [Brady] if they were able to get it done.”