Kevin Faulk says future is uncertain

Kevin Faulk says future is uncertain
February 28, 2012, 5:25 pm
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BOSTON -- National Pancake Day had three special ambassadors at Children's Hospital Boston this year.

Kevin Faulk, Jerod Mayo, and Julian Edelman spent time with several patients Tuesday morning. The trio took breakfast orders then got to work in the eighth floor playroom's makeshift 'kitchen.'

Eventually, a timeout was taken for football.

Faulk told reporters he's as unsure of his future in the NFL as he is about his skill in the kitchen ("I can make eggs. That's about it.") Retirement is on the table; deciding what to do about it makes this offseason "different" for the 35-year old running back.

"But, hey, that's life," he shrugged. "You just got to deal with it, move on and hope everything works out for the best later on.

"That's the different part because you don't know what's going on. You just go on living your life and keep your faith in God and know he'll take care of you no matter."

Faulk played in just nine games over the last two seasons. He's dealt with a torn ACL and adjusted to a new crop of Patriots running backs. Being inactive for New England's Super Bowl effort seemed another step for the veteran.

Does he want to try a 14th season? Do the Patriots want him back if he does? The answers elude him thus far.

Ill tell you this much: My decision is not going to be based on solely me, he said with a smile. So, thats one thing I have to weigh in. But at the same time, Ive played a lot of football. If it doesnt happen to work out for me later, hey, it doesnt. Im blessed, Im happy, I thank God for everything, but at the same time, I know what I love to do and if it happens, it happens.

Whatever the choice, he hopes it will involve the Patriots.

Of course, Id like to be involved in the New England Patriots, lets keep it at that, Faulk said. Ive been here 13 years playing and if I happen to retire or they dont happen to bring me back, Im still going to be a New England Patriots. Im very blessed and fortunate that I have a few options. Its not just, I dont have any options, I have a few options. So, its up to me.