Jones: Sack dances not pre-meditated

Jones: Sack dances not pre-meditated
October 17, 2013, 10:00 pm
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Chandler Jones is coming into his own in his second year with the Patriots.

Jones has led the Patriots defensive line with 4 ½ sacks through six games. Jones had only six sacks through 14 games last year.

Jones joined Tom E. Curran to talk about his performance this year, especially his game last week against the New Orleans Saints.

“It’s funny, because it was Rob Ninkovich’s film study to be honest with you,” said Jones on how he was able to sack Drew Brees on New Orleans’ last offensive possession of the game. “My assignment was to stop that, but Rob was like ‘hey, watch it. Watch the bootleg or watch any outside plays.’ And sure enough, they snapped the ball, and rolled the ball out, and I was right on it.”

Besides for sacking the quarterback, Jones is known for his celebration dance following his sacks.

“Everyone asks me if my sack dances are pre-meditated, and they aren’t,” Jones said. “I’ll go out there and I’ll get a sack, and the first thing that comes to my mind I’ll do it.”