Jones already taking lessons from Carter

Jones already taking lessons from Carter
October 24, 2013, 4:00 pm
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FOXBORO -- Patriots defensive ends Chandler Jones and Andre Carter have had a relationship that has quickly blossomed since Carter signed with the team earlier this week.

Carter's signing was officially announced on Wednesday, but he also played for the Patriots in 2011. Jones came aboard as a first-round draft pick by New England the following season.

The two best pass-rushers the Patriots have had in the last three years are now teammates with adjoining lockers, and Jones explained that are getting along swimmingly.

"Andre's a very, very smart player. He's a big help," Jones said. "I've learned so much for him just in a few days. He's a guy that's been in the system before so he's pretty familiar with what's going on. And, like I say, he's a vet and I've learned a lot from him."

Carter was in the middle of an impressive season with New England (10 sacks) when he tore his quadracepts in Week 14 against the Broncos. Though he missed the final two regular-season games of 2011, he was still named to the Pro Bowl.

No Patriot has had double-digit sacks since Carter's departure, though Jones -- who has 6.5 sacks already after recording 6 in his rookie season -- is on pace to get there this year.

It's still unclear how much Carter will play in Week 8 against the Dolphins, if he will play at all. But with so many injuries to New England's defense -- Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo are out for the season and it appears Tommy Kelly could miss his third straight game this week -- Carter provides the Patriots depth on the edge of their defensive line.

Whether he plays or not, it's clear he's already had a positive influence on his young teammate. The two were spotted at Wednesday's practice chatting, and Jones said that the information exchange was going both ways. Carter provided Jones with his veteran know-how, while Jones updated Carter on the wrinkles in the Patriots defense that Carter may not be familiar with.

"It's both," Jones said. "The guy's been in the league for such a long time, it's an advantage. Especially with him playing my position."