Jets loss is another win for Pats


Jets loss is another win for Pats

In February, Rex Ryan said, "I guarantee we win it this year."In November, with a 245-pound quarterback bearing down on him and a choice between fight or flight, one of Ryan's prized defenders stepped aside and let the quarterback score. And the Jets dropped to 5-5. (Thanks to the disturbingly insightful Jerry Thornton at Barstool for noting this tidbit that Mike Mayock ignored). You can't blame Antonio Cromartie for being Antonio Cromartie when the 'stuff' is hitting the fan in front of him. But the Jets' collapse is eye-opening. And the fact is, this teamisno longer imbued by Ryan's blustering arrogance anymore.
From watching Mark Sanchez turtle multiple times in the face of the Denver pass rush Thursday night, to the special teams mistakes of the past week, to the absurd blitz call that blew up in the Jets faces when Tim Tebow was allowed to run for the game-winning touchdown with precious little football technique or resistance, it looks like Ryan is losing his Jets. And the Jets may have lost any shot at competing in the postseason. The Patriots are winning even before the weekend begins. With sliding Buffalo playing at suddenly surging Miami on Sunday, the Patriots will have a clean look at the AFC East landscape and the suddenly clearing AFC playoff picture by nightfall Sunday. The Jets are now 10th in the AFC playoff race. They're 2-2 in the AFC East with a game against the Bills next Sunday looming. Even worse, they're 4-5 in the conference. Why's that worse? Because if the Jets don't win the division -- which looks a likely scenario -- their way to the playoffs is the Wild Card and conference record matters heavily there. The Bills, meanwhile, still need to be paid attention to. They are just 1-1 in the division (New England's 3-1) and 5-4 overall. Because of their early-season win over the Patriots, the season-finale between the Bills and Patriots at Foxboro has the potential to be a win-to-get-in situation. Say Buffalo's 10-5 going into that game and New England's 11-4. A Buffalo win tie them with the Patriots and a season sweep of the series and head-to-head is the first tiebreaker. In other words, the Jets are -- at this point -- merely a curiosity for Patriots fans. The Bills? Still a mild concern.

Ortiz: Yankees fans' booing 'wakes up the monster in me'

Ortiz: Yankees fans' booing 'wakes up the monster in me'

In his 1-on-1 interview with CSN Red Sox Insider Sean McAdam, David Ortiz thanks Yankees fans, ahead of his final series at Yankee Stadium, for the motivation they’ve given him throughout his Red Sox career. 

He expressed a similar sentiment in this post on The Players' Tribune website.


Stevens’ first practice observation: ‘We’re going to be able to fly around’

Stevens’ first practice observation: ‘We’re going to be able to fly around’

WALTHAM, Mass. –  Before the Celtics fully stretched prior to their first practice of the season, coach Brad Stevens had his players go 5-on-5 in a not-live breakdown while going at about 30 percent full speed or similar to what they would do in a walk-through.

“If that was 30 percent, we’re going to be able to fly around,” said Stevens. “I think it was just a misjudging of what 30 percent is. They were flying early on in practice. We have to be able to fully rotate, we have to guard different positions, you gotta be able to read the game instinctively and obviously there’s an athletic component that allows you to do so effectively.”

Regardless, the Celtics are a team that will rely more on their athleticism in past seasons in order to be effective and live up to the lofty expectations so many have for them this season.

“We have a real good team, real athletic at a lot of spots,” Celtics forward Amir Johnson told “We definitely got a couple more high-flyers in the building this year.”

He’s speaking about Gerald Green, a former Slam Dunk champion, and Jaylen Brown, who is considered one of the more athletic players among this year’s rookie class.

And that athleticism was indeed on display in the early moments of the team’s first practice of the season.

But what makes the Celtics a team that could potentially be a major player in the East, is that the increased athleticism is now married to a team whose skill level is underrated.

Talent and athleticism is certainly a bonus for any team.

But the Celtics know the road to being among the game’s elite is long and winding, a journey that they are just beginning to embark on right now.

And while there are plenty of directions that Stevens can put a greater focus on in these early days, it doesn’t appear the Celtics' leader will go that route.

“We’ve got a lot being installed,” Stevens said. “We’ll keep the emphasis on being a blue-collar team and playing together.”