Jerry Thornton breaks down Brady’s performance

Jerry Thornton breaks down Brady’s performance
September 22, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Three weeks into the season, Tom Brady’s play has been heavily scrutinized in his 14 season in the NFL.

What could be his best performance of the season, Brady completed 25 of 36 passes, for 202 yards and two touchdown passes. But Brady also had some miscues as well, specifically an interception in the Buccaneer end zone.

Jerry Thornton joined Michael Felger, Troy Brown, and Mike Flynn on Postgame Live to talk about why Brady doesn’t look the same this season.

“[Brady] is off, there’s no question,” Thornton said. “It’s a work in progress – but I’m with Mike Flynn – I can’t put a shine on his sneaker, he is missing wide open people. That ball in the end zone was a force. We knew going in that this was going to be a work in progress.”

After expecting so much out of Brady for many years, Felger wonders if Patriots’ fans should lower their expectations.

“I think [Brady] was fine, was he at his best, no,” Felger said. “I think fans expect him to defy the laws of physics and physiology which for some reason they think you get better at 36-years-old.  You don’t. You can stay the same, you can stay great, but it is really really hard to get better at 36, especially when you are handed a bunch of new players.”