How much credit for Belichick deferring in OT?

How much credit for Belichick deferring in OT?
November 25, 2013, 1:15 am
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Bill Belichick’s decision to defer going into overtime so the Patriots could have the wind at their backs ended up paying dividends.

Belichick decided he would rather have the offense go with the wind rather than have the first possession in overtime. The decision worked out as the Patriots improved to 8-3 with a 34-31 win.

Michael Felger, Ty Law, and Troy Brown discussed Belichick’s decision on PostGame Live.

“It was absolutely the right call,” Brown said. “You play the wind in that situation. You get into a game now, where you talk about field position if you don’t score. The Broncos get the ball and driving down, you’re kicking into the wind on a long field goal. They had to basically get inside the red zone to be able to have a decent shot at a field goal. And if they didn’t they had to go for it on fourth down or punt the ball away.”

At the time, the decision probably went against popular opinion, but in the end, the risk was worth the reward.

“I thought it was risky, but I understood because with the new rule changes that if they don’t score a touchdown you get an opportunity to get the ball and give it a shot yourself,” Law said. “Now, I guarantee you, if it was whoever scores [first], the game is over, he wouldn’t have made that call. He made the right call. It was risky and it worked out for him.”