How loss of Amendola / Vereen will affect Pats

How loss of Amendola / Vereen will affect Pats
September 10, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Shane Vereen. Out. Danny Amendola. Most likely out.

The Patriots have until Thursday night to figure out how they're going to approach the offensive attack, which isn't much time at all. But they've made due before, and will have to again.

"It's the same old thing with the Patriots: you have to go with who you have," Troy Brown said. "Whoever is on that roster right now for him to throw that football to. I know Amendola is going to be out. You got to get ready to play. These young guys, their time is being called right now … but you have to get yourselves ready to go and get on the field and be productive for Tom Brady."

Mike Felger says it's time for the defense to win games for the team.

"Well, we went into this year and said they're going to have to win games on defense, right? Like, can this be the year that finally the defense steps up and they win a game 17-13. Isn't this setting up to be that perfect week to do just that? Here we go, you're going up against a rookie quarterback, a bad offensive team to begin with and new offensive coordinator, not many weapons. Here it is. Win the game 17-13."