Holmes: Sparano's offense is more fun


Holmes: Sparano's offense is more fun

The Jets' new offense under Tony Sparano is sure to be heavily scrutinized this season. Not only is Sparano the new guy looking to make good in New York, he also has to balance a delicate quarterback situation, and keep big-name receivers like Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress happy.

Well, he can check one of those things off of his list of "to-dos." For now at least.

Holmes says he's a big fan of Sparano's new offense because it lets receivers adjust their routes based on the coverage in front of them.

"It allows us to have a little bit more fun," Holmes said. "And to know when you mess up, its on us or the quarterback, because of a certain sight or certain be-where-you-are-supposed-to-be-at type deal."

Sounds good in theory. But we can think of one big-name receiver who roamed Foxboro all of last season and couldn't figure out how to adjust his routes properly to get on the same page with the rest of the Patriots offense.