Holley: Go after Wallace, not Lloyd

Holley: Go after Wallace, not Lloyd
March 14, 2012, 10:33 am
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The focus -- publicly, at least -- has been on Brandon Lloyd.
But Michael Holley thinks it should be on Mike Wallace.
"I've seen the price tags on these receivers and I just don't think Brandon Lloyd is worth that," the co-host of WEEI's 'The Big Show' said Tuesday on 'Uno's Sports Tonight'. But that's only part of the reason he's down on Lloyd . . . and high on restricted free agent Mike Wallace, who would cost the Patriots a first-round draft choice if they signed him.
"The Pats need to get a little younger at receiver," said Holley. "That's why I'm big on the Mike Wallace train. And that may not happen, but I would much rather see a 25-year-old receiver here than a guy who's 30, 31 . . .
"Wallace is a dynamic player and he's not a stop-gap option. I think Brandon Lloyd is a stop-gap guy. In two years, you'll be looking for somebody else. Maybe even next year."