Hernandez suspect Ortiz viewed as 'rat' in his neighborhood

Hernandez suspect Ortiz viewed as 'rat' in his neighborhood
July 15, 2013, 7:30 am
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According to a story in USA Today, people in Carlos Ortiz's hometown of Bristol, Conn., feel he was the informant in the Aaron Hernandez case and that he shouldn't have cooperated with police.

"That's Aaron Hernandez," said Amber Schryer, who used to let Ortiz crash on the couch in her Bristol home. "You tell the police you don't know anything."

Even Ortiz's cousin, Jose Torres, seemed upset that Ortiz -- known by many as "Charlie" or "Charlie Boy" -- aided police in their investigation of the murder of Odin Lloyd.

"Everybody knows that Charlie told," Torres said. "He's been labeled a rat. He's done. He's done. You're going to have another breaking news (story) on TV."

The USA Today report explains that Ortiz was a staple on Davis Drive in Bristol. He hung out on people's sofas, and was there for barbecues and parties. He has a son with one woman who lives on the street -- one of three children he's fathered with three different women. He was a petty thief and a drug user, something the people on David Drive knew, but if police came to the neighborhood looking for him, people often told authorities nothing.

On their street, one of the last things anyone wants to be labeled is a "snitch."

Though Ortiz was with Hernandez on the night of Lloyd's death, the people that know Ortiz seem to believe that he would have had nothing to do with Lloyd's murder.

"Charlie ain't no killer," said Milton Montesdeoca, someone who said he used to shoot hoops with Ortiz.

Some believe Hernandez took advantage of Ortiz, who used to brag about hanging out in Hernandez's mansion and may have hoped for some of the former Patriots tight end's money to trickle down into his pockets.

"That's my cousin and I love him, but he got caught up with the wrong people and they used him," Torres said. "If he thinks you're his friend, he's going to go all out for you. He has a good heart, but he's not very smart."

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