Hernandez opens up in Muscle Milk video

Hernandez opens up in Muscle Milk video
August 22, 2012, 3:27 pm
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Aaron Hernandez signed an endorsement deal with Muscle Milk at the tail end of July. He started using the product in college when training under the Florida Gators' football program.
Of course, since being ushered into the NFL by the New England Patriots, those workouts have changed some.
And you can actually see for yourself.
Muscle Milk created a video of Hernandez lifting and running through drills in California. He opened up about the offseason.
"When you start practicing, everything is full-go," he said in the interview. "Especially with the Patriots and Bill Belichick. So you've got to be ready."
As far as this guy goes, Hernandez was surprisingly candid. He hit on how the lockout shook up offseason workouts, as well as what motivates him to push past exhaustion.
"When working out, a lot of times I listen to music, but I think about the things that mean most to me -- the people that mean the most to me -- because it will give me a drive to maybe get an extra rep when I'm working out.
"If you come in out of shape and you're not ready to go, the next person will step in because there's so many people at every position on our team, that you've always got to stay on top of your game."
Check it out.