Hernandez denies gang affiliations

Hernandez denies gang affiliations
July 2, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Despite flashing gang signs a few years ago, Aaron Hernandez told Bristol County correction officers that he is not a member of any gang, according to the Boston Herald.

A picture was taken of Hernandez wearing red and flashing a sign with his hands that's normally associated with the Bloods street gang. Law enforcement has looked into Hernandez's tattoo's while he's been in custody, as is common practice with all those in jail, to make sure that if he has gang-affiliated tattoos he is not placed in proximity with others of rival gangs while in custody. 

“We always take extra precautions," Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told the Herald. "We don’t have any definite issues at this point, but we’re still being very cautious."

For those who may not believe Hernandez's claim that he's no gang member, take The Game's word for it. The rapper is a self-proclaimed member of the Bloods, and he says that Hernandez isn't a part of his gang.

"Aaron Hernandez ain't no Blood, man . . . n---- killed his sister's husband, what the f---?," he said to TMZ.

Hernandez has been charged with first-degree murder and five gun charges for his role in the death of Odin Lloyd. Though he is innocent until proven guilty, The Game made his conclusion.

"Aaron Hernandez popped his homie," The Game said. "It's a wrap."