Hart: Ways Pats can fix red zone problems

Hart: Ways Pats can fix red zone problems
December 16, 2013, 8:30 pm
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It was apparent on Sunday - the Patriots had issues scoring in the red zone.

There's no sense in crying over Rob Gronkowski. It's time to figure out how they can win without him.

Andy Hart from Patriots Football Weekly joined Gary Tanguay to discuss.

"I think I'd run the ball more," Hart said. "I thought that was an issue yesterday. I thought they ran the ball pretty well, but only ran it 22 times. And it was all production. It was all four, five-yard, six-yard carries. I think you look t a guy like Stevan Ridley. The guy has 19 touchdowns over the last two seasons. He's shown the ability to punch the ball into the end zone and they decided for some reason they weren't going to run the ball in the end zone.

Between Ridley, Shane Vereen, LeGarrette Blount, and James Develin, the Pats had and have options in the run game that they can utilize more.

Tanguay asks Hart if Vereen wasn't used enough when he could have been, or if circumstance of the Miami defense or circumstance of the game was the reason behind it.

"A combination of all of it," Hart said. "You look at Miami, they have good, speedy linebackers. That's why teams can't run against them, by the way . . ."

The Pats were also without wide receivers Kenbrell Thompkins and Aaron Dobson. Those guys also would have helped.

"You are limited in what you have and yes those are two guys not just with height, but Dobson - we criticized him early on for not getting separation but we praised him for being able to catch the ball without separation," Hart said. "That works in the red zone, the ability to be able to fight for the football. That's not a strength of Edelman. That's not a strength of Amendola."