Hart: 'Don't buy' Belichick was close to cutting Hernandez

Hart: 'Don't buy' Belichick was close to cutting Hernandez
August 28, 2013, 1:30 am
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A report from Rolling Stone says that Aaron Hernandez was heavy into angel dust, hung around with gangsters, and was very close to getting cut by the Patriots before the Odin Lloyd murder happened.

Some of that news isn't all that shocking, but it is a surprise to see that the Patriots were close to cutting him prior to the alleged murder. In fact, Andy Hart from Patriots Football Weekly isn't buying it.
"I don't. And to me that's the big bomb," he said. "That's the tease that will get everybody to read it. We know these magazines, they lead with the tease. They want you to buy it and there's usually not much else. They lead with the big one. But it flies in the face of everything we've heard. Robert kraft was very adamant on the record when he chose to come out and say he was duped. He also said when he was in this building, he did what we wanted him to do. He worked hard, football was important when he was in this building. That flies in the face of that whole idea that they were this close to getting rid of him."

But did Robert Kraft even know? Sure, it's his money. But would the people below him run to him and tell him that his money was given to somebody who turned out to be a lot worse off than anybody thought? Gary Tanguay doesn't think so.

"The thing that I cannot believe, is that everything about Aaron Hernandez, from the college scouting reports, from what everything that other individuals said about him, that went to the coaching and to the general manager and to the front office staff, I don't believe all of that went up to ownership. I don't believe it ever does on any team," Tanguay said.

Felger is in agreement with Tanguay, and just can't see how people within the organization were blind to who Hernandez was.

"As more and more dribs and drabs come out, I just find it impossible to believe that the people in Foxboro - and again, maybe that's Bill, maybe that's Robert, maybe that's security people, whoever - I find it impossible to believe that they didn't have an inkling that this was a really bad guy," Felger said.