Hart: ‘Another big matchup for Talib’

Hart: ‘Another big matchup for Talib’
October 10, 2013, 10:00 pm
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Aqib Talib could move all around the field Sunday to try to take away as many as the Saints’ offensive weapons as possible.

Talib, who in recent weeks has slowed down some of the NFL’s best receivers, will be put to the test again this week.

Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly talked about Talib’s play and whether he should cover Saints’ tight end Jimmy Graham.

“Do you take a true number one corner and line him up opposite of a tight end?” Hart said. “I say you do it. You take away the most dangerous weapon from the other team. Another big matchup for Talib.”

While slowing down the Saints’ offense is a major concern, getting the Patriots’ offense going is also critical, especially getting the running game to produce.

“They need to win the battle in the trenches,” Hart said. “The Saints aren’t great on run defense. Get the ground game going early. Keep Drew Brees on the sideline. Logan Mankins and company own this game.”