Harrison: I could play 20 years in this era


Harrison: I could play 20 years in this era

Rodney Harrison thinks players nowadays have it easier than when he was playing. (He retired all the way back in 2008.)

Harrison told NESN.com that if the NFL had placed a greater emphasis on player safety a few years ago, he could have played two decades in the league.

Theyve cut down on a lot of these hits in minicamps, training camps and padded practices and all the physical contact during the season, Harrison said. If I were playing right now in this era, I could probably play 20 years because we wouldnt have all of those physical contact practices.

Were different than basketball, were different than baseball, Harrison said. We hit every single day and your body needs a break, your head needs a break. So I think theyre making steps in the right direction.

Harrison will be honored Wednesday along with former Celtic great Robert Parrish and former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez.