Harrison: Brady knows Pats' 'D' 'isn't really very good'

Harrison: Brady knows Pats' 'D' 'isn't really very good'
November 11, 2011, 2:06 pm
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Over the past three games, the Patriots have not amassed more than 20 points in any of them. Ex-Patriots, and current NBC football analyst, Rodney Harrison has a few reasons for why this is, and why Tom Brady hasn't looked as sharp this season, and he explained them to Tom E. Curran on 'Quick Slants':

1. The offensive line isn't doing its job: "You have to start with the offensive line. Teams that are good rushing teams that are rushing different stunts, different types of blitzes, they're putting pressure on Tom Brady. The blueprint for beating the Patriots . . . Tight man-to-man coverage, pressure up the middle, and force Brady to his left. Teams are starting to do that and the offensive line is not protecting him."

2. Brady's comfort level isn't right: "Tom, he's staring at his receivers. He doesn't feel comfortable. People are playing tight man-to-man coverage. He's got a 'robber' playing in the middle of the field so when Wes Welker or guys are coming across the middle they have someone there."

3. Brady is trying to do too much to make up for other team voids: "They're pressing. Tom Brady is pressing because he knows that this defense isn't really very good. They're going to give up a lot of points, they're going to give up a lot of yards, and he's putting a lot of pressure on himself to go out there and make plays. So he just needs to relax, they need to run the football, but they have to, more important than anything, they have to protect Tom.