Gronkowski to undergo fourth arm surgery today

Gronkowski to undergo fourth arm surgery today
May 20, 2013, 11:00 am
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The fourth surgery on Rob Gronkowski's left arm is being performed Monday at Mass General and -- if things go well -- that should be the last one. On the arm. 

Then there's the back problem that Pro Football Talk poobah Mike Florio reports will probably be surgically addressed within "three or four weeks."

Sources told me Friday that discussions concerning Gronkowski's back would wait until after the arm was addressed. The arm in question is the one Gronkowski initially broke while blocking for an extra point against the Colts. A plate was implanted then. After re-breaking the arm in the playoffs against Houston, another plate was implanted. 

In February, an infection developed and the arm was re-opened and the infection was addressed. Fingers are crossed that, by now, the infection has cleared thanks to a cycle of antibiotics and that this will be the last time the arm is opened so that a plate can be installed. If the infection isn't cleared, the possibility exists that the arm will be closed up and then -- possibly -- be opened again later when the infection is gone so that the plate can be put in. 

Monday's operation may have caused a bout of good sense for Gronk, who cancelled a trip to Las Vegas scheduled for Saturday night. It seemed Gronk and the jet-for-hire company he was flying with were allowing Gronk and Julian Edelman to fly free while offering fans the chance to bid for four seats with the two Patriots on the trip to the desert. 

More likely, though, Gronkowski got blowback from somebody about auctioning seats on a Vegas flight less than 48 hours before his fourth surgery. 

So far, Gronkowski hasn't shown a ton of self-awareness when it comes to understanding how things will play in the media.