Gronkowski notes Brady’s omnipotence

Gronkowski notes Brady’s omnipotence
March 21, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Rob Gronkowski confirmed this week that teammate Tom Brady will, indeed, do what he does.
In a guerilla interview with, the Patriots tight end said, “Tom Brady do what Tom Brady does. When he wants to throw us the rock or hand us the ball, that’s what he does. When he wants to sell his crib, he can sell his crib.”
Gronkowski was referring to news this week that Brady will be selling his California mansion.
His overall point though is that, whether it’s homes (“cribs”) or throwing rocks (“football”) few will feel empowered to tell the star quarterback to discontinue doing what he do.
Gronkowski, who’s coming back from a blown ACL, was asked how he’s doing with his rehab.
“Just working out, man, every day and doing good,” he revealed. “Improving every day. Having a good day.”
Asked what percentage of capacity he is at, Gronk intoned, “I don’t do percentages. I’m just working hard every day and doing better every day. I’m working hard every day doing the best I can every day.”