Gronkowski admits to being star-struck by Brady


Gronkowski admits to being star-struck by Brady

Rob Gronkowski's offseason escapades appear endless. When not golfing for charity, spiking various inanimate objects, or riding around on scooters (all while wearing Zubaz) the Patriots tight end maintains a steady stream of interviews. And now he's international; Wednesday, Gronk joined 590 The Fan in Toronto with Brady and Lang.

What could possibly be new? He shared a fun little note about Brady -- the Patriots' Brady.

Its pretty wild first going in. You just sit in the huddle and youre kind of star-struck a little bit," Gronkowski admitted. "The next couple years now, Ive settled in and everything and its just great going in and feeling comfortable now.

His boyish wonder around the quarterback makes some sense. Gronkowski is just 22-years old and can sometimes seem younger. But on the other hand, he's quickly earning such a celebrity himself it's a trip to imagine him slack-jawed around one of his teammates.

The other Brady, along with Lang, touched on Gronk Reign. Of course.

It's just impossible not to look at the large, frothy following the young Patriot has accumulated. It helps Gronkowski makes himself so available in the offseason, especially considering he's part of an organization as guarded as New England.

He's his own PR machine and got after it long ago.

When we were just all coming in together, my two brothers and I were all going to be in the NFL together and we just thought of the idea that it would pretty cool to have our own website,, and everything and just have a little fun with it.

You can read the rest of what came up in Canada here.

Giardi: Garoppolo 'still in pain,' does not have full mobility in shoulder

Giardi: Garoppolo 'still in pain,' does not have full mobility in shoulder

The Patriots had both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett on the field for Tuesday's practice.

While many are hopeful that Garoppolo will be ready to go on Sunday, it’s definitely not a given at this point.

According to CSN’s Mike Giardi, Garoppolo is “still in pain and does not yet have full mobility in his throwing shoulder”

Tom E. Curran had better news about Jacoby Brissett’s thumb. The rookie quarterback was in the Patriots locker room locker room Tuesday morning without splint, tape or cast on his thumb. 

When he asked Brissett if he's feeling "tip-top," he answered, "Oh yeah."