Griffin III: I wish the best for Tebow

Griffin III: I wish the best for Tebow
June 11, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Tim Tebow news is national news. Always. Without fail. Like it or not.

It comes then as no surprise to see that other players and coaches around the league have been asked about Tebow's new two-year deal with the Patriots.

This morning, Rex Ryan chimed in. This afternoon, it was Robert Griffin III, who has no discernible connection to Tebow other than the fact that they play the same position in the same league.

"I always root for guys, especially quarterbacks, as odd as it sounds," Griffin III said. "I'm a quarterback-friendly guy. I try to root for them, that they always succeed. You hate to see a guy out on the street no matter what position he plays. Obviously Tim's a very passionate player. It was good someone stepped up and signed him because they felt like he could help their team. I wish the best for him."

Check out the Griffin III video -- and his incredulous reaction after hearing a Tebow-related question at his press conference Tuesday -- from our friends at