Greetings from Richmond: Gronk stays behind

Greetings from Richmond: Gronk stays behind
August 4, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Greetings from Fox-, check that . . . Richmond, Virginia!

Mike Giardi and Tom E. Curran are coming to you from the grounds of the Patriots and Redskins joint practice session on Monday where the teams got things started together.

The Patriots did so without Rob Gronkowski, who stayed back in Foxboro.

"Yeah, he hasn't participated on 7-on-7's or 11-on-11's yet for the Patriots, why would you bring him down and put him in this situation for the Patriots?" Giardi said. "Controlled, but again different colored jerseys, sometimes things heat up a little bit. You don't want him out there for some of that."

It doesn't sound like it got too physical on Monday.
"Bottled up," Curran said of the practice, "we didn't see too many flare-ups."

So who stood out? This one probably won't surprise you: Tom Brady.

"Especially in the hurry-up," Giardi said. "The two-minute drill was surgical and it was mostly Edelman, but also LaFell, also Amendola, and also using Shane Vereen. So spreading the ball around a little bit and the tempo with which they ran that, the Redskins were awed by it."

On the opposite end of the spectrum was another quarterback, Ryan Mallett.

"He had a number of picks in the individual drills," Curran said. "Seemed frustrated with himself on a number of occasions. I know that there were differing opinions on his day out there. Overall, I think that he has to play better because it's going to be a big week for him because he's going to get plenty of reps on Thursday night."

Giardi isn't impressed with Mallett whatsoever.

"It's Year 4," he said. "I just don't see that level of comfort, and I don't think he's taken that big a step."

We'll check back in tomorrow as the teams look to ramp it up a bit.