Gostkowski, Allen put best feet forward vs. Texans

Gostkowski, Allen put best feet forward vs. Texans
December 1, 2013, 6:15 pm
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HOUSTON – The confidence Bill Belichick currently has in Stephen Gostkowski was on display all day in the Patriots 34-31 win over the Texans.
Gostkowski drilled two 53-yard field goals in the fourth quarter Sunday – the first to tie the game at 31 with 7:16 remaining and the next providing the final margin of victory with 3:12 left.
Though Gostkowski missed just his second kick of the season – a 55-yarder he pushed to the right in the second quarter – the Patriots kicker is having a remarkable season.
He is now 28 for 30 for the season and 4-for-5 beyond 50 yards. Three of Gostkowski’s five game-winning field goals have come this season including the past two Sundays.
“My motto is to swing as hard as you can as long as you can stay under control,” Gostkowski said as he walked out of Reliant Stadium. “It’s been fun. I’ve been hitting the ball well and mentally I’ve been feeling good and I’m just trying to keep it going.”
The rough condition of the field made Gostkowski’s kicks that much more impressive.  
“It was a bad field,” he said. “You don’t get to attack the ball as well when you’re worried about the field, but we practice on grass that gets chewed up all year on the practice fields so being out there getting confidence knowing you can make kicks helps. And you don’t want to use the field as an excuse to why you’re gonna screw up. I literally don’t think about the field when I’m going out there. I make the adjustments in warmups to how hard I have to go at the ball without slipping but when I’m going out there that’s the last thing I think of.”
As for the 55-yarder he missed?
“I’ll miss a field goal every game if it’s gonna end like that,” he laughed. “It was a tough kick. I thought I hit it pretty well but it faded right a little bit. I probably hit it off my toe a little. The ball’s been coming off my foot pretty well and our coaches tell us, if you’re gonna miss, don’t miss ugly. That was not a bad miss and it was one of the tougher kicks I’ve had.”
Punter Ryan Allen, who had a big game last week with some tough handles on punt snaps and the hang-em-high punt that led to the Gostkowski’s game-winner against Denver, sealed the deal in Houston.
Punting with 22 seconds left, Allen dropped a 34-yarder that stuck on the Houston 5-yard line, removing any drama from the tail end of the game.
“That’s something we practice all the time,” said Allen, “being in ‘double-gunner’ and getting good execution there at the end. We call ‘em ‘gotta have it’ plays and we go through them routinely each week at practice and it allows us to execute at a high rate. When we’re back there, it just feels like another punt and we’re confident and collected.”
The more meaningful the games become, the bigger special teams plays looms. In each of the past two weeks, New England’s been able to carry them off at critical junctures.