Giardi: If I'm McDaniels, I'd pass on Browns job

Giardi: If I'm McDaniels, I'd pass on Browns job
December 30, 2013, 11:45 pm
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There are reports out there that the Cleveland Browns have interest in Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to fill their head coaching vacancy.

Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi discuss the chances McDaniels takes the job, and if it's a good idea to do so.

"I think the likelihood is that he will be extremely tempted, but I think there will be other guys who they could also court, being Jim Schwartz and Bill O'Brien primarily when I think of the three different candidates," Curran said.

McDaniels has been the Pats offensive coordinator for the past two seasons after a failed head coaching tenure with the Broncos, followed by a season with the Rams as offensive coordinator.

Is a job in Cleveland really what he should go after? Giardi doesn't think so.

"If I was him, I'd sit this one out because I do not trust the Cleveland organization," Giardi said. "There's a reason they continue to [finish] in the bottom of the barrel in the National Football League."