Gasper: There's been a 'softening' with Wilfork

Gasper: There's been a 'softening' with Wilfork
March 25, 2014, 4:45 pm
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The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper believes the Patriots will 'wear . . . down' Vince Wilfork and get him to accept a restructuring of his contract.

The Vince Wilfork situation could end one of two ways: He stays or he goes.

When Wilfork originally asked for his release, it sounds like he was definitely out the door. But here we are, a few weeks later, and Wilfork is still on the team. The Pats have not released him.

The Boston Globe's Chris Gasper has a theory.

"I think there's been a softening here, Gary, I think there's been a softening," Gasper said. "Look, there's a couple way this situation can end. One is that Vince Wilfork digs in his heels, gets all his money, and [leaves] the Patriots. Another scenario here, and this is the one to me is the most likely, they convince him, 'Hey Vince, you want to finish your career here, OK, we're going to do this deal, you can get your money if you hit these certain plateaus in your contract.' They are going to wear him down and break him down. He has a big stomach, I don't think he has a stomach to take down the Patriots."

How do you think this will eventually play itself out? Will Vince really take off and leave the organization that drafted him? Let us know what you think with a comment!