Gameday Walkthrough: You're watching the greatest combo ever


Gameday Walkthrough: You're watching the greatest combo ever

Welcome to the final regular-season Sunday of 2012. We have four weeks of football left after today, just 11 games. Amazingly rapid season, weren't it?Last night, I was toodling around the worldwide web when I started wondering how many coaching wins Bill Belichick trails Don Shula by. Including playoffs,Belichick is currently 203-108 in 18 seasons as a head coach and 166-63 in New England. Shula compiled 347 total wins in his 33 years as a head coach.Noting on Twitterwhere Belichick stood, I said he could move into sixth behind the legendary Paul Brown with a 14-win regular season in 2013. WRONG! He passed Paul Brown in 2010 when Belichick got his 170th win. Brown's 47 wins in the AAFC must have been included in this list of winningest coaches which I leaned on when tweeting. Either way, it's kind of a jumble out there because there are lists which stick to regular-season wins and others that combine regular season and playoffs. Working of of the TOTAL NFL wins, here's how it currently stands. 1. Don Shula (33 years) -- 347
2. George Halas (40 years) -- 324
3. Tom Landry (29 years) -- 270
4. Curly Lambeau (33 years) -- 229
5. Chuck Noll (23 years) -- 209
6. Marty Schottenheimer (21 years) -- 205
7. Bill Belichick (18 years) -- 2038. Dan Reeves (23 years) -- 201
9. Chuck Knox (22 years) -- 193
That's as far as I know. Who was the greatest coach ever? That's really a subjective discussion and total wins aren't the best measure. For instance, Vince Lombardi's not on this list. Or Jimmy Johnson. Or Bill Walsh. Or Paul Brown. Shula has the most wins but he also was at the controls of a team that suffered the seminal upset in NFL history (the 1969 Colts) and was head coach of the 1993 Dolphins who blew a 9-2 start and missed the playoffs. The ballyhooed perfect season? Can't do any better than perfect, but mercy, their competition was awful. Miami's 14 regular-season opponents combined for a record of 70-122-4. That's a .367 winning percentage. The two games they played against teams that finished with winning records both went 8-6. Nine of the games were against teams that won five or less. No Miami opponent made it to the playoffs in 1972. Details. That's where the answers lie. Joe Montana, 4-0 in Super Bowls, HAS to be better than Tom Brady who's currently 3-2. Right, and Montana was one-and-done in three consecutive playoff appearances from 1985-87, throwing 0 TDs and five picks. Long story short, you're may be watching the greatest coach in NFL history. You may also be watching the greatest quarterback. You're definitely watching the greatest combo. Stunned and amazed that Patrick Chung wasn't fined for the hit he laid on Cecil Shorts III last Sunday in Jacksonville. Chung explained to me after the game he was going too fast to let up and that Shorts ducked his head. Still, I thought it was head contact on a defenseless receiver. I'd rather see a player keep his money than kick it back to the league, so good for Chung. But I'm now more confused as to what the NFL's trying to ban since that seemed a textbook head shot. Chung is among nine prominent Patriots with contracts that expire after this season. Some of the others are Kyle Arrington, Julian Edelman, Dane Fletcher, Danny Woodhead, Trevor Scott, Sebastian Vollmer, Aqib Talib and Wes Welker.Of those players, Chung is the only one I can see that there would be no tears shed for if he left. Good player, but he might need a reboot in a new city.

Brady Facebook post offers chance to hang with TB12, Damon and Affleck


Brady Facebook post offers chance to hang with TB12, Damon and Affleck

Pizza and beer with Tom, Ben, Matt and you?

In Tom Brady’s latest Facebook post, three of Boston’s biggest celebrities are teaming up in a contest that gives a lucky fan a chance to hang out, drink and chow down with the Patriots quarterback and his buddies, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Here’s the video, in which, among other things, the movie stars argue who Brady likes more.

For the record, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (listed in no particular order) do NOT pay me to be their friend.... 😶 All jokes aside, we'd really love for you to hang with us in Boston (flights and hotel are on us)! Donate to a great cause and get a chance to share some beer and pizza with us:

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fans have to make a donation that benefits Brady’s TB12 Foundation, the Eastern Congo Initiative and The more money you donate the better your chances are of winning.




Rex Ryan’s erratic act is his lone consistency

Rex Ryan’s erratic act is his lone consistency

With the Bills 0-2 and sinking slowly in a morass of dysfunction last week, Rex Ryan was anything but his corny, wise-cracking, false-bravado-bringing self. He was subdued before the Bills took on the Cardinals.

Now, with the Bills having spanked Arizona and the Patriots up next, Rex is back at it with the erratic, putting forth an eyebrow-raisingly bad Bill Belichick impersonation to start the week then parachuting into a conference call with Julian Edelman posing as a Buffalo News reporter.

He’s the guy at the house party knocking over the chips and drinks at 9 p.m. and wondering where the motherscratching karaoke machine is because he wants to SING!!

Asked to account for the behavior change from last week to this, Rex’ verbatim response was a look into his addled mind.

“I was still myself, I think just part of it. This week, look guys, we know who we’re playing. When you look at the ESPN deal, I think they’re ranked number one---I don’t know. Like I said, they’re number two, but I don’t think we’re ranked number one so---look, we know the task is going to be a big one. The quarterback thing, yeah you got to be prepared and you actually have to be prepared for three different guys. They’re no dummies, they’re leaving it out there, they can know who it is, I get it. They’re certainly not going to do us any favors.”

Give that a quick re-read.

My verbal syntax and wandering trains of thought aren’t evidence of an ordered mind either, so I do empathize with Rex. But neither am I the head coach of one of 32 entries in the NFL, a pretty high-profile league in which an ordered presentation from the guy in charge is usually a positive.

I spoke at length with Tim Graham – who really does work for the Buffalo News – during our Quick Slants Podcast this week.

Rex’ constant insistence on his own authenticity feels to me like a misdirection. He chooses who he’s going to be and how he’s going to be each week. That’s the only consistent thing about him, other than the fact that he is an eminently likable guy specifically because he is so vulnerable.

 For a guy that wants to projecting an image of a guy who just doesn’t give a s***, he spends a lot of time thinking about this stuff.  

“I learned a long time ago, you got to be yourself in this league and that [acting like Bill Belichick] wouldn’t have worked,” Ryan explained. “If I tried to be like Bill Belichick that would never work for me, just like, not that he ever would, but if he’s going to try to be like somebody else, that ain’t going to work for him. And so, at least one thing we have in common is the fact that we know you better be yourself in this league and look, I think it’s hilarious when he’s on there because that’s who he is but it’s great and he does it better than anybody else. Some guys that try to copy that style, they’re phonies. Belichick does it, that’s who he is. [Gregg] Popovich is probably the closest thing in the NBA. Like those guys are classics but that’s who they are and they’re fantastic and I think the record speaks for itself but you talk about a consistent guy, Bill Belichick is the most consistent guy there is and I try to be consistent, albeit in a much different way.”

Consistent in his inconsistency. Great fun at parties. No way to go through life as an NFL head coach.