Gaffney says he's good to go


Gaffney says he's good to go

FOXBORO - Jabar Gaffney's most productive seasons as a pro were his last three - 54, 65 and 68 receptions in two years with the Broncos and one with the Redskins.

But while they were personally productive, they weren't quite fulfilling, the wideout indicated Thursday at Gillette Stadium.

"You go other places and you realize what you had here in Coach Belichick," said the 31-year-old Gaffney after a Patriots OTA practice. "He's a one of a kind coach and coming back here he reminded me of that real quick. His attention to detail and how he wants perfection and wants you to do your job."

Belichick's attention to detail was evident Thursday when, late in practice, he had the Patriots offense running laps for inefficient work.

"That's the thing, perfection," Gaffney replied when asked what all the running was caused by. "Can't make mistakes. You make mistakes, you're gonna take off and run for it."

Tom Brady's made no secret of his high regard for Gaffney, especially in the last few months.

Asked how the two are getting along now that he's returned, Gaffney said, "We have a great relationship on and off the field. We just have that rapport with each other. He knows where I'm gonna be and I know he's gonna put it right there. He has all the confidence in me and I have all the confidence in him. We picked right back up and started building that relationship up again.

In three years with the Patriots (2006-08) Gaffney only had 85 catches. But his ability as a technician and his dependability were standout traits.

His return - and that of Donte Stallworth and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels - has the Patriots going a little retro.

Gaffney laughed when asked if he still had some gas left in his tank, adding, "I'm ready to go a couple more years."

Patriots won’t have to deal with Bills WR Sammy Watkins on Sunday.


Patriots won’t have to deal with Bills WR Sammy Watkins on Sunday.

FOXBORO - Scratch the estimable Sammy Watkins from the Bills roster for Sunday. 

Buffalo shared via Twitter that their long, tall wideout is out for Sunday with a foot injury. Also down are wideout Greg Salas and left tackle Cyrus Kouandijo.

The Bills' starting left tackle Cordy Glenn has been dealing with an ankle injury that caused him to miss last week's game. 

Robert Woods will be the Bills best outside threat with Watkins taking Sunday off. The Bills' talented corner Ronald Darby is also trying to get back this week from a hamstring injury that caused him to miss last week's game with Arizona. 



No intel gathering on Garoppolo at Patriots practice

No intel gathering on Garoppolo at Patriots practice

FOXBORO - There were no tells about the Patriots quarterback situation for Sunday during the portion of Friday practice the media was allowed to watch. 

Jimmy Garoppolo, who on Wednesday was seen throwing short and medium-range passes without a lot of zip, hasn't thrown a ball with media in attendance since. Friday morning, after stretching and jogging, Garoppolo began a session feigning taking a snap from a center and going into a drop. But he did so without a football in his hands. 

Rookie Jacoby Brissett did flip a few passes during the jogging and stretching portion and, while he was wearing gloves, he is showing no signs of favoring his right thumb. 

So the question isn't whether the Patriots have any quarterbacks for Sunday against the Bills, it's whether or not they'll have Garoppolo. Certainly, it's a question that's been on the mind of Bills head coach Rex Ryan who keeps speaking the truth in jest by referencing the uncertainty around the Patriots situation. 

After being on the field in limited capacity all week, it's a certainty that Garoppolo dresses for the Bills game. Whether he plays and how effective he might be remains anything but certain.