Fuller: 'I have a chance to play this week'


Fuller: 'I have a chance to play this week'

FOXBORO -- A day after signing on with the Patriots, veteran safety Vincent Fuller practiced with the team at Gillette Stadium on Thursday, and said afterward that he felt "blessed" to have a chance to contribute to a winning organization.

"Man, I got a phone call, and I came here and signed a contract," said Fuller. "That's basically the gist of it. I was sitting at home with my family, watching the games on Sunday, and now I have a chance to play this week."

Fuller was released by Detroit on Dec. 6, nearly two months after the Lions placed him on injured reserve because of an elbow injury.

He said he's stayed prepared just in case he did get the call to join another team.

"I wasn't just at home doing anything," said Fuller. "I was actually working out and preparing as if I would be able to play in the next couple of weeks. So just being a professional, hopefully that allows me an opportunity to come in and help."

Fuller worked out for the Patriots after he was released by the Tennessee Titans in early September -- before the regular season began -- but he signed with the Lions.

Once him and the Lions agreed to part ways, Fuller saw what was going on with New England's defense, and knew that it would be an option for him.

"I knew the Patriots had some issues in their secondary, as well as some other teams," said Fuller. "So the Patriots were one of those teams that -- talking to my agent -- was a team that came up."

And for an indication as to what Fuller's motives are for the rest of the year, when asked what he knew about the Patriots from afar, Fuller said, "that they win."