Fox: 'Moronic' for Broncos not to inject Manning's Colt offense


Fox: 'Moronic' for Broncos not to inject Manning's Colt offense

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick continues to compare the Denver Broncos current offense to the Indianapolis Colts former offense. The biggest similarities lie in Peyton Manning's veteran presence under center.
On Wednesday, Manning said it wouldn't be in his best interest -- strategy-wise -- to either agree or disagree with that notion.
"I can't really say that, one way or the other," said Manning in a conference call. "Obviously, I can't force someone else's opinion. I think for me to respond to that would be too informative, I guess. If that's coach Belichick's evaluation, that's his.
"But, there's new players that I'm playing with. There's new coaches. There's new things for me, so, everybody can form their own opinion."
Broncos coach John Fox has his own opinion, and while he never came right out and said that Denver's current offensive style compared to Manning's old Colts' style, he did hint towards that being the case.
"At the end of the day, part of being a coach is to put players in the best positions to have success," said Fox. "I don't care if you're talking offense, defense, kicking game. So, it would probably be close to moronic for us not to inject some of the things that he had 14 years of great play with, in our offense. That's all part of coaching."
What makes the transition easier is that Manning came to Denver and was reunited with wide receiver Brandon Stokley and tight end Jacob Tamme -- both former teammates of Manning in Indianapolis.
"I think anytime you go through a change, any familiarity certainly helps in the transition," said Manning. "Brandon Stokley is one of my favorite teammates of all time. He's just a guy that loves football, grew up around football, with his dad being a coach. The four years that he and I played together were a lot of fun. So to be reunited with him has been special.
"And then Jacob kind of played in the shadows of Dallas Clark in Indianapolis, and had the chance to kind of establish himself on his own. And he's a really good teammate and hard worker as well. So ya, it certainly helps to have a couple guys that you played with before."

Quick Slants Podcast: Antonio Brown’s betrayal; Matt Light; eyeing up Pittsburgh


Quick Slants Podcast: Antonio Brown’s betrayal; Matt Light; eyeing up Pittsburgh

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the aftermath of Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live video. Curran interview Matt Light ahead of the AFC Championship. They dissect the press conferences of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and look at how to beat the Steelers.

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2:29 Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live aftermath

13:14 Stopping Le’Veon Bell

27:16 heywassyonumba? with Patrick Chung and Kyle Van Noy

32:30 Injury report updates for AFC Championship

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Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

Belichick asked if playing at home helps: 'Go ask Dallas and Kansas City'

FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick knows that how you play, not where, is what matters most. 

That's why when he was asked on Wednesday about the advantage the Patriots will have by playing at Gillette Stadium in the AFC title game, he wasn't willing to go all-in on how a comfortable environment will positively impact his team.

"I don’t know," he said. "Go ask Dallas and Kansas City."

The Patriots apparently thought enough of home-field advantage that they played their starters throughout their regular-season finale win in Miami, exposing their best players to potential injury in order to maintain their positive momentum while simultaneously ensuring a better road to the Super Bowl. 

The Patriots fans in attendance on Sunday will help when the Patriots take on the Steelers, Belichick acknowledged. But there's much more to it than that. 

"Yeah, of course," he said, "but the game is won by the players on the field. That’s who wins football games – the players. And they’ll decide it Sunday night."

And if you needed any further proof, just ask the Cowboys and Chiefs how helpful their home crowds were in the Divisional Round.