Former NFL official: 'It was the correct call'

Former NFL official: 'It was the correct call'
October 20, 2013, 11:00 pm
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Usually pushing a teammate is not a factor in a game, but against the New York Jets on Sunday, Patriots defensive tackle Chris Jones learned the hard way.

Jones was called for an unsportsmanlike penalty on Nick Folk’s 56-yard attempt that missed in overtime when he pushed a teammate into the offensive line resulting in a penalty.

Former supervisor of NFL officials, Jim Daopoulous, joined Michael Holley on Sports Sunday to take about the first-year rule.

“[The officials] did get it right,” Daopoulous said. “It was a new rule and the officials were exactly correct on it.”

It was the first time in seven weeks that this type of call has been made and for the Patriots, it came at the worse time possible.

“From my understanding, the NFL put out a training tape to officials this week and one of the points of emphasis on this film was this type of blocking and this type of action on the line of scrimmage,” Daopoulous said. “It probably put a little bug in the ear of the officials. They were looking for stuff like this.”