Flynn: Maybe Colts make a little noise in playoffs

Flynn: Maybe Colts make a little noise in playoffs
December 30, 2013, 7:15 am
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While the Patriots get next weekend off, four teams in the AFC will play for the right to advance to the next round.

The Bengals will host the Chargers and the Colts will host the Chiefs.

The guys on Postgame Live discuss these two games, and give their opinions on which one will win.

It was unanimous that the Bengals would beat the Chargers, who have to travel to Cincinnati.

"San Diego, they have the cross country, long flight," Ty Law said. "They're going to play in the cold weather. I think the advantage goes to the Cincinnati Bengals."

Troy Brown agrees with him.

"The potential of the bad weather, coupled with the Bengals playing at home too, I think Marvin Lewis will get his first win playing against the Chargers," Brown said.

When it came to the other game, again, it was unanimous. Everybody thinks the Colts are going to beat the Chiefs in Indianapolis.

"I like Indianapolis," Brown said. "I think Indy went in to Kansas City and destroyed them a few weeks ago. I just think them playing at home in that dome, they have a good quarterback in Andrew Luck there that's playing pretty well right now. He's starting to develop another weapon to replace Reggie Wayne. So I think with that being in place and them playing at home in that dome, I like them. And that's the team that scares me the most that has the potential to come into New England and beat them."

Brown isn't alone in thinking that the Colts could do further damage if they do beat the Chiefs.

"Andrew Luck got a taste of the playoffs last year," Mike Flynn said. "I think they win this game. Maybe they make a little noise in the playoffs. They seem to be a resilient group and they have some talent there."

And of course, Jerry Thornton had to chime in from the web zone, and was asked if he thought Andrew Luck and the Colts could go into Denver and beat the Broncos.

"As long as your facing Peyton Manning in January, which is 'Peyton Manning Loose Bowels Awareness Month', as a matter of fact I'll be breaking out my brown ribbon in a couple of days, there's always a chance to beat him."