Flynn: ‘tipping point coming’ for team & Gronk

Flynn: ‘tipping point coming’ for team & Gronk
October 13, 2013, 11:30 pm
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Earlier in the week, many thought Rob Gronkowski would play in his first game of the season against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

However, Gronkowski was inactive again against the Saints, leading to reports of teammates confused and upset over Gronkowski not playing.

Michael Felger, Troy Brown, and Mike Flynn talked about all things Gronk on PostGame Live.

“Don’t you get the sense at this point, it’s been building and building just since we’ve been doing the show, the tipping point, it’s got to be the next 10 days,” Flynn said. “Whether he doesn’t play the Jets game, the Dolphins now is another signal. You get halfway through the season, the Patriots have to decide, do we just put this guy on IR.”

Brown talked about Logan Mankins’ comments after the game, in which Mankins didn’t deny the report that there was tension in the locker room over Gronkowski’s situation.

“I think the first thing I heard too was the no denial and then the guy puts it on the line comment,” Brown said. “That’s what caught my ear, when he said it, is that we have to talk about the guys who are putting it on the line and laying it out there. Sometimes that is kind of a company line.”