Florio: No rift among Jets staff, all wanted Tebow

Florio: No rift among Jets staff, all wanted Tebow
March 21, 2012, 5:06 pm
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So now we know Tim Tebow is going to the New York Jets. We didn't know that with certainty this morning, but Mike Florio knew that the Jets were very interested.

"In New York with the Jets, in the biggest media market in the world, where he won't be the starter, but he'd play a decent amount -- who knows what'll happen down the road if Mark Sanchez can't get it together," Florio said on the Dan Patrick Show.

"Everybody, the front office, the coaching staff, they're all on board. There's no rift. There's no split of opinion. They all want him. Maybe he's at the point now where he wants to go somewhere where the organization wants him."

The video above also has what is maybe the best Tebow-to-the-Jets joke to date.

Ever picture how Tebow and cornerback Antonio Cormartie will get along? Florio had already envisioned their first little chat. Speaking as Tebow, he had the whole DP Show crew cackling.

"I know the Bible says be fruitful and multiply, but Antonio, you gotta put the brakes on."