Five more years!

Five more years!
February 25, 2013, 7:00 pm
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Last week, it was reported that Tom Brady and Gisele were trying to build a new house — complete a separate cottage for the “help” and a state-of-the-art yoga barn — in Chestnut Hill, and at the time I wondered what this might mean for the future.

“It's kind of funny that Brady's starting this process now, isn't it? I mean, seeing how they haven't even been approved to purchase the land yet, this house won’t be ready to live in anytime soon. You figure that by the time they're done with the paper work, hire the builders and then, you know, actually build this gigantic house, “help cottage” and barn, next season will be well underway.

Would they really go through all this trouble for 18 months of living, or is this just another sign that plans to remain with the Pats long after this contract runs out?

Well, this afternoon, that speculation was confirmed by Peter King, who reports that Brady has signed a three-year extension that will keep him in New England through 2017.

Of course, this is amazing news for Patriots fans. Especially for the generation (25-40 year olds maybe?) who fear Brady’s retirement about as much as they do their own death. And what makes everything even sweeter, King writes, is that the new deal will pay Brady “significantly less money than the market will bear, in large part to help the Patriots stay competitive for the next five seasons.”

Naturally, a ton will be written about this story over the next 24-48 hours, but for now here are just three quick thoughts:

1) No doubt there’s something unique and insanely admirable about Brady’s willingness to hand enormous chunks of money back to the Patriots in the name of competing for another ring. But let’s also remember that he’s in the unique (and admirable) position of being married to a woman who, according to Forbes, is on pace to become the world’s first billionaire supermodel.

2) So with Brady’s official extension through 2017, I assume we can expect Bill Belichick to stay here for at least that long, right? BB’s coaching future might be shrouded in mystery, but it will be a monumental upset if he walks away before Brady does.

3) I know this is crazy, but as of today, Brady has 334 career touchdown passes. That’s good for fifth on the all-time list, and leaves 175 behind Brett Favre (508) for the top spot.

That means that if Brady can average 35 touchdown passes a year for the next five years (by comparison, he’s averaged 37.4 over the last five), he’ll retire with . . . that’s right, 509.

(He’ll also need Peyton to retire sometime very soon. Manning currently has 436.)

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