FG fiasco could engender new round of Jets hate

FG fiasco could engender new round of Jets hate
October 22, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Bill Belichick’s got your “second level” right here.
On Tuesday, two days after the Patriots got flagged in overtime for pushing from behind on a missed Jets field goal, Belichick was still rankled.
With the Jets gloating about their rules awareness and reports that they’d tip the refs off to the Patriots’ illegal maneuver, Belichick was asked about getting ratted out.
“Well, I mean, since they were using the play themselves I don’t even know about all that,” said Belichick. “But basically we’re just moving on here.”
The Patriots aren’t going to turn this into a cause célèbre. But there’s little doubt they remain rankled that, while officials were recently given a heads-up that they weren’t enforcing the rule properly, the teams were not.
Additionally, in the valuable rules refreshers the league sends out each week, no mention was made of teams interpreting the rule wrong even though the league had seen enough of it to send out the heads-up to the officials.
Did Ryan and the Jets know the Patriots were going to stack and push from behind on Folk’s attempt? And that the officials had their flags at the ready?
The longest field goal he’d made this year was 48 yards. His career long was 56 and he did that in 2010. But the Jets made virtually no effort to get Folk a more manageable attempt when they got first-and-10 on the Patriots 41 with 9:20 left in overtime. They ran the ball into the line three times and gained 3 yards before Folk came on.
A miss would have given the Patriots the ball at the Jets 45, 20 yards from field goal range for Stephen Gostkowski. A punt to pin the staggering Patriots offense would have made sense at that point.
Instead, the Jets lined up for Folk’s bomb which he missed badly. But the flag thrown by umpire Tony Michalek was flying before Folk’s attempt even reached its apex. Michalek was looking for that violation.
And while the Patriots are red-faced that Michalek found it and they misread the rule, they seem red-hot that the Jets did the same thing on Stephen Gostkowski’s game-tying 44-yarder with 16 seconds left in regulation.
This is going to make future Jets-Pats relations pretty interesting.

Belichick’s disdain for Gang Green dates to 2000 when – after refusing to take the Jets head coaching job - he was painted as a man in mental “turmoil” by Jets president Steve Gutman.
The disdain was exacerbated when Eric Mangini left the Patriots for New York and ushered in a game of “Gotcha!” as the two teams chased video crews from each other’s sidelines and other outposts.
Disdain turned to loathing when former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum dropped a dime on the Patriots for videotaping from the sideline during the 2007 opener.
Belichick maintained then - and would likely maintain today – that the Patriots broke no rules. Videotaping for use during the same game was banned. The Patriots claimed they weren’t viewing their video until much later.
The league wasn’t buying. So Belichick and the Patriots carry the “SpyGate” stain.
Now a new round of ratting, this time by Rex Ryan, left the Patriots looking ill-informed and, quite likely, cost them the game.
And the bitterness that ensues may hit a new level.