Felger: Revis would have 'biggest impact' for Patriots

Felger: Revis would have 'biggest impact' for Patriots
March 3, 2014, 12:30 am
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Could Revis Island re-locate to New England?

It's not out of the question.

Pro Football Talk reported over the weekend that the Patriots could have interest in Revis, who is currently on a Tampa Bay Bucanneers team reportedly open to trading him.

If the Patriots did pull off the trade, that would have Mike Felger bringing out his Patriots pom palms.

"Whatever the frustrations we have, for me personally anyways would be wiped right off the table if the Patriots traded for Darrelle Revis," Felger said. "When Revis was mentioned last week just generically there were reports that the Tampa Bay Bucanneers were open to trade proposals. I never even mentioned the Patriots in this because to me it's just such a pipe dream."

Revis is being paid about $16 million per season, and the Patriots aren't exactly big spenders. Felger is very on board with them changing for Revis though.

"To me, Ron, this would be the one difference-making move they could make that I think would have the biggest impact," Felger said. In some ways it makes sense to me because Aqib Talib is going to cost them a lot of money."

Borges thinks that if the Patriots brought in Revis and his contract, it could ruffle a few feathers on the team.

"If all things were equal, sure, he's a terrific player and would really help their defense, no question, but that $16 million bucks is not only a lot of money, but it causes a lot of issues with other players including the quarterback, probably."

It's not that Brady would be jealous of the money Revis is making, it's just that he wouldn't be particularly happy with where it's being spent, Borges thinks, as Brady doesn't have a great arsenal of offensive weapons.

Felger, on the other hand, says Brady will have to get over it if that's the case.