Felger picks Patriots to win it all

Felger picks Patriots to win it all
August 20, 2013, 9:30 pm
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On Mike Felger's radio show, Felger and Mazz, he declared that he's officially buying into the New England Patriots as Super Bowl favorites.

The Patriots are 12-1 odds at Bovada oddsmakers, but Felger would put his money on it based on what he saw the two preseason games.

"I picked them at the end of last year. I said the Ravens would win the AFC title game but that Pats would come back next year and win it all. I backed off of that because their offseason was so bad and I thought it would dramatically impact their offense. But you tell me, Lou. Has it dramatically impacted their offense?"

Felger says after teasing Patriots writers for pumping up the young receivers, he watched them play and was impressed.

He also noted that the Patriots offense just looked like it was clicking and in rhythm so smoothly that it reminded him of years past.

"The Patriots just looked so coordinated and dialed in, and the opponent didn't, that I looked at that and I said, 'Oh, well I guess nothing's changed.' The offense is going to be the same and I think the defense for a while now is getting better. So, here we are. I think they're going to win it all."