Felger: Patriots got benefit of penalty calls

Felger: Patriots got benefit of penalty calls
October 27, 2013, 9:00 pm
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While nothing seemed to go the Patriots way in the first half against the Miami Dolphins, everything seemed to benefit them in the second half, even the officiating.

The Patriots were able to take advantage of some borderline pass interference calls against the Dolphins and a batting the ball penalty.

Michael Felger, Troy Brown and Mike Flynn on PostGame Live talked about the Patriots benefitting from some calls.

“One thing that Patriots fans are not allowed to complain about this week is the officiating,” Felger said. “I think the Pats clearly got the beneficiary of some fortuitous calls. There were a couple pass interference calls that were just awful, wrong, terrible calls that the Patriots got the benefit of.”

In the fourth quarter, Miami was called for an illegal batting of the ball penalty on a Tom Brady fumble, and the Patriots capitalized on the miscue as the drive finished with a Stevan Ridley rushing touchdown to give the Patriots a 27-17 lead.

“I watched it in real time and when he dove for the ball, I thought his hand came out to bat it,” Brown said. “And then I watched it in the replay and in slow motion, which I had that benefit of the doubt, he clearly went out to try to corral the ball and couldn’t get it and knocked it forward.”