Felger: Manning elevated self into Brady conversation

Felger: Manning elevated self into Brady conversation
January 20, 2014, 1:30 am
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There was plenty of talk leading up to Sunday's AFC Championship that this was a "legacy" game for both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Well, Manning did plenty to help his legacy.

The Broncos beat the Patriots on Sunday, 26-16, behind Manning's 400 passing yards and two touchdowns. He didn't turn the ball over either.

Now, Manning has a chance to win his second Super Bowl, while once again Brady and Bill Belichick fail to win that elusive fourth one. 

Mike Felger, Ty Law, and Troy Brown break down what the win means for Peyton's career. Felger goes as far as saying that the win on Sunday - and a Super Bowl win - will put Peyton up there in the Brady conversation.

"I firmly believe that with this win and especially with a win in two weeks, Peyton Manning did a lot to, I think frankly, save his reputation," Felger said. "I think if Peyton had lost today he goes down in history as being the Patriots whipping boy. Now? Again, especially if Peyton Manning wins another championship, Belichick and Brady will have three, he'll have two, you'll be 2-2 against each other in the playoffs, and I think one more win and we'll look back at Peyton Manning and say he got you almost as much as you got him. It was a battle."