Felger: Haynesworth 'one of the worst'

Felger: Haynesworth 'one of the worst'
November 9, 2011, 2:07 pm
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For as bad as Albert Haynesworth may have been during his brief stint in New England, Michael Felger blames the Patriots for thinking that this leopard would change his stripes.

"I think the Patriots should be better than a bum like this," he said Tuesday on 'Sports Tonight'. "This is really one of the worst guys this league has to offer . . . They never should have brought this guy in.

"And what's aggravating is, the only reason they did is 'cause he gave them money back. He gave them a good deal, and then he kissed some ass on the way in. He said all the right things. And it just feels to me like, you can be the worst guy in the world but if you give them some money and say the right things, the Patriots will just bring them in."

Ex-NFL lineman Steve DeOssie agreed with Felger, at least on Haynesworth himself.

"He just didn't want to play," DeOssie said. "It was obvious from the get-go he just thought he could walk in and, I don't know, maybe contribute somewhat, but he didn't even give the effort to contribute.

"He did not even play . . . up close to his talent level . . . This is a guy that has a tremendous amount of talent and absolutely no desire, no respect for his teammates, no respect for what everybody else on the field is trying to accomplish, and it showed. It showed in the way he played."

Later, he added: "The guy was a bad guy with no respect for his teammates whatsoever. You can't be in that locker room and have that lack of respect for your teammates when everyone else is working . . . hard."