Felger: 'Gillette is not a Super Bowl kind of stadium'

Felger: 'Gillette is not a Super Bowl kind of stadium'
February 1, 2014, 10:30 am
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With the Super Bowl being played in the NY/NJ area, it has prompted some to wonder if New England could ever host one at Gillette Stadium.

Speaking from Radio Row at the Super Bowl, Mike Felger and Tony Massarotti give their opinions.

Mazz doesn't think it's too far out of the realm of possibilities, but Felger doesn't see it happening ever.

"I think there's no chance," Felger said. "I think there's no chance. Hotel rooms - Bob [Kraft] mentioned it, 30,000 hotel rooms something like that, the NFL has a number that you have to meet. Boston doesn't meet it. You got to bring in Providence, and he even said maybe even Hartford. What a debacle this is. No, we're not doing that with the hotel rooms and I'm sorry, all due respect, credit to the Patriots for building the stadium with private money, but it's not nearly the stadium that this place is. If you ever go into MetLife it's just a totally different deal. It cost 100's of millions of dollars more to build, and you can see why. Boston is not a Super Bowl sight, and Gillette is not a Super Bowl kind of stadium. Sorry."