Felger: 'Captain Tanguay, bring us to Revis Island'

Felger: 'Captain Tanguay, bring us to Revis Island'
March 3, 2014, 10:15 pm
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Felger and Tanguay are setting sail for Revis Island. All aboard!

It appears that Darrelle Revis can be had.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Tampa Bay Bucanneers would consider trading Revis for the right price (first round pick).

But speaking of prices, Revis is set to make $16 million this season (and in future seasons, unguaranteed).

That's a lot of dough. Is it too much for the Patriots to spend? Gary Tanguay, Kirk Minihane, and Mike Felger discuss.

"You can make the $16 million work," Tanguay said. "I know it sounds crazy, but you got two years tops with Tom Brady. You got to bring in guys that can win now."

Minihane is much more pessimistic about the chances of it happening, and all he has to do is cite history.

"When in Patriots history has Bill Belichick ever spent that kind of money on a guy for one year?" Minihane asks Tangauy, who responds by saying he hasn't. "So it's going to happen now?"

Don't tell Felger that. He's already setting sail.

"Captain Tanguay, would you please bring up the main sail and bring us right to Revis Island," Felger said. "You and me both, baby! It's a little bit of a pipe dream, but I want to live this pipe dream, I want to dream this pipe dream because I'm that fond of Darrelle Revis as a player."

Felger is holding out hope. Are you?