Edelman returns to Patriots on one-year deal

Edelman returns to Patriots on one-year deal
April 10, 2013, 12:45 pm
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After a month on the free-agent market, Julian Edelman has packed up his wares and returned to the Patriots.
Edelman, whose only interest was reported to be a phone call to his agents by the Cleveland Browns and a visit last week with the Giants, is back with the Patriots on a one-year deal.
The disinterest in Edelman is likely caused by his checkered health history rather than him being without value.
In the end, signing a one-year deal back with New England is Edelman’s best option (something I touched on last week). Get a productive season under his belt and then hit free agency again, where he maybe will curry more interest.
The Patriots wide receiver corps is coming into clearer focus now that Edelman has re-signed and Emmanuel Sanders has signed an offer sheet that -- in five days -- could make him a Patriot.
Danny Amendola would be the primary slot receiver, but he also has the versatility to play outside. Edelman would seem to be a third receiver with the versatility to play inside or out. Sanders would be an outside receiver filling the role Brandon Lloyd was in while bringing a greater downfield threat. Donald Jones is the X-factor depending on health.
And the Patriots have the versatility of Aaron Hernandez at slot, wideout or tight end, while Rob Gronkowski (or Jake Ballard, if Gronk’s arm holds him out) becomes the classic tight end.