Edelman: Good to be back in New England

Edelman: Good to be back in New England
March 18, 2014, 5:00 pm
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The Patriots announced on Tuesday that they have re-signed receiver Julian Edelman. You can check out the details of Edelman's four-year deal in Tom E. Curran's post from earlier today.

Edelman joined the Hill-Man Morning Show on WAAF on Tuesday morning to discuss the process of shopping around for a new deal as well as why he ultimately decided to stick with the Patriots for the next phase of his career.

"It's a good day to be back," said Edelman, who was calling from the West Coast. "It's awesome I get to be there for another four years."

Edelman said he made visits to other teams around the league -- including the club for which he rooted as a kid, the San Francisco 49ers -- but in the end, the Patriots were the best fit for him.

"It wasn't that tough to tell you the truth," Edelman said of his decision. "You go on these visits, trips and everything and you see these wonderful organizations. I got to go home and see the Niners -- grew up a huge Niners fan. But being in New England the last five years, that's just home. That's just home for me right now . . . The mentality of the team, how everything's done, the scheme, the players, the locker room, the fans, it's just something that I couldn't leave. I'm really glad I was able to work something out to bring me back."

One of the other deciding factors for Edelman was the fact that he would be able to continue his career with his friend, quarterback Tom Brady.

"When you get to come to work and play with one of the best, it makes it a lot easier," Edelman said. "Especially with the kind of player and person Brady and a lot of other guys on the team [are]. Teammates are definitely a huge part of that. Having the year that we had last year, we got so close and overcame adversity and all that stuff, hopefully we're gonna be able to build on that and do even better hopefully."

The Patriots try to build on last year with a few new pieces. Edelman was specifically asked about new Patriots corner Darrelle Revis, and just how difficult it is for opposing receivers to go up against him.

"He's the best in the league," Edelman said. "There's usually two or three types of corners in the NFL: guys that are long, lanky good at the line of scrimmage; long speed; good transition. When he's healthy he seems to have all that. He's always very tough to compete against and it's great to have him join the team."

Edelman seemed to be in good spirits -- despite being awake at about 5 a.m. PST to join the show -- joking that he may crash on Rob Gronkowski's couch when he returns to New England. He also got a few laughs when he was asked to give the specific dollar amount of his new deal.

"I can't discuss that on the air," he said. "Politics, religion, contracts . . . It's a team rule. If I even bring up anything about a contract, I'll be killed."